Renew Your PMP® Certification The Easy Way – Get The 60 PMP® PDUs You Need To Satisfy PMI Requirements

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PMI approved renewal process – complete these four self-­paced certification courses worth 60+ PMP PDU to renew your PMP certification. This package includes a bonus course, Introduction to Analytics and AI, so that you have Five self-paced certification courses!!

Hassle-­free – each  course is online, self-­‐paced and available from any location. Just log on and learn at any time.

Super simple – get the bundle, take the courses, submit your PDUs and renew your certificate.

Click ‘Enroll Now’ below to start renewing your PMP certification before it’s too late.

*You will be seeing 97 USD on the checkout page. The equivalent amount is ~₹7,227 and will be deducted from your card in your local currency.



Use coupon PDUIND15 with a 15% discount for lifetime subscriptions

Don’t leave it too late to renew your Project Management Professional certification.

You worked hard to get your PMP certification, so you won’t want to risk losing it by missing out on your next renewal.

And because you need to renew your certificate with the PMI every 3 years, we’ve created this course bundle to help you do that, in one easy to access resource.

When you complete Master of Project Academy’s PMP Certification Renewal Bundle, you’ll have earned the 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) you need to renew that all-­important certificate.

Watch Julie Markham’s PMP® Renewal Experience with 60 PDU Bundle

Cut out the stress of certificate renewal

The PMI (Project Management Institute) insists all certified Project Management Professionals complete 60 PDUs every 3 years to renew their PMP certificate…

And if you miss out on renewal, or just renew too late, you may have to earn an extra 60 PDUs annually for the next two years, just to catch up.

But with this course bundle you don’t have to worry – just complete each of these four online courses worth a total of 60 PDUs, and simply renew your certificate with the PMI.

When you take these courses you’ll also be reinforcing key PM concepts, learning new best practices and becoming a more rounded Project Management Professional (and more attractive to future employers).

What are the 4 courses in your Certification Renewal Bundle?

– Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – improve your ability to implement quality projects and applications (worth 30 PMP PDUs)

– Agile Scrum Certification Training – enhance your understanding of Agile & Scrum methodologies (worth 10 PMP PDUs)

IT Service Management Training – learn the skills required to deliver effective IT services (worth 14 PMP PDUs)

Microsoft Project Training – build your planning and implementation skills (worth 4 PMP PDUs)

TOTAL = 60 PMP PDUs earned (around 60 hours of video course content)

Watch sample video lecture from one of the 60 PDU Bundle Courses

What PMP® Certification Holders Are Saying

You can see several authentic and genuine reviews on our Google and TrustPilot Pages.

“I had been looking for an opportunity to renew my PMP certification for so long. I feel very lucky that I hit Master of Project Academy during my search. I found exactly what I was looking for. I was very satisfied with the course content and structure as well as customer relations. Thanks to Master of Project Academy for this great 60 PDU Bundle package.”

60 PMP PDU Course

Frank Krüger


“It is great to have this PDU bundle when it comes to renewing the PMP certificate. Because it is always a hassle to find PDU resources. The only flaw of this site is, it takes about 24 hours to enroll in the courses after purchase. But this is acceptable.”

pmp pdu course

Deniz Birinci


I was not expecting such a thorough process to renew my PMP. I could access the courses that helped me to earn PDUs in 24 hours. After I submitted my PDUs, PMI approved in a day. Great comfort!

pmp pdu online

Enrique M. Bosworth

About Master of Project Academy

Master of Project Academy is the leading online, self-­‐paced course provider for project management professionals.

So far we’ve helped over 50,000 professionals across 180 countries with our courses, and our students boast a 99.6% certification exam success rate.

As well as our popular online courses, we also produce helpful and informative content to aid project management professionals’ development. Check out our post on how to renew your certificate.

“Designed and led by seasoned industry professionals with a deep well of academic and field knowledge, Master of Project Academy courses guide professionals easily and effectively through certification exams.”

pmp exam simulation

Benefits of the 60 PDUs Certification Renewal Bundle

– 99.6% First Time Pass Rate – Master of Project Academy courses have an overall 99.6% first-time pass rate, so you’re in good hands when you take our courses

– Professional Online Support – Master of Project Academy support staff are on hand to help you with any issues and will respond to any inquiries within 24 hours

– Certificates of Completion for all 4 Courses – for each course in the bundle that you complete you’ll get a certificate of completion

– 60+ Hours of HD Video Training Content – the Certification Renewal Bundle contains over 60 hours of professional standard video content, taught by certified Project Management instructors

– Unrestricted Lifetime Access – unlike with some online courses, you’ll get lifetime access to the course content in this bundle, so you can learn at your own pace and complete each course in your own time

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – We want you to be sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at renewing your certification, so we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with any of the courses, just contact us within 30 days of purchase  for a full refund (*)

*Full refunds may only be claimed where no more than 10% of the overall bundle course progress has been completed.

Start Renewing Your PMP® Certificate Today

Ready to earn your PDUs and ensure your Project Management Professional certificate status?

Click ‘Enroll Now” below and grab your course bundle with a 15% discount off the price of these 4 courses if bought individually.

Once you complete each course in the bundle you’ll be ready to claim your 60 PDUs and renew your PMP certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I renew my PMP?

PMI requires Project Management Professionals who hold PMP certification to show professional experience or event activity that will help them keep pace with changing project management trends.

That’s why PMI expects each PMP certification holder to submit 60 PMP PDUs every three years to retain their PMP certification. This is called a CCRS (Continuing Certification Requirements System) cycle.

Since PMP certification is a globally reputable certification in the project management world, it is strongly recommended that you retain your PMP certification.

When should I start submitting PMP PDU to renew my PMP certification?

As soon as you earn your PMP certification, submit any events or activity in CCRS that earn PMP PDU hours. Many certification holders wait until too close to their PMP expiration date, and try to complete all their required PMP PDU hours in just a couple of months or even weeks!

PMI is rigorous for these PMP certification holders and your PDU submissions may not be accepted – so we advise against leaving it until your final month before renewal.

How can I submit my earned PMP PDUs?

Once you complete a course, you can submit your earned PMP PDUs in the online CCRS system of PMI. Check out our PMI PDU Submission post to see how it works.

What should I do after I complete 60 PMP PDU Hours?

After you complete 60 PDUs in your CCRS cycle, you must apply for PMP renewal in your PMI profile page. Just fill out the application form to abide by the PMI Code of ethics during the PMP renewal process.

You’ll then be directed to a secure payment page to pay your PMP renewal fee to PMI.

How much does PMP certification renewal cost?

PMI members pay $60 USD, while non-members pay $150 USD to renew their PMP certification after completing their required 60 PMP PDUs.

You can pay this fee online directly to the PMI using a card to complete your renewal process.

Can I fulfill my PMP PDU hour needs for free?

There are free courses or free events (e.g. webinars, conferences, etc.) that you can attend and gain PMP PDUs. However, completing all 60 PMP PDUs for FREE will be tough especially if you are a working professional. Therefore, the best way to complete PMP PDUs is enrolling in online courses and gaining PDUs easily.

60 PMP PDU Online Course Bundle will be a perfect fit for you to complete your PDU needs in one go!

Where can I find more information about PMP Renewal?

Check out our PMP Certification Renewal post to learn more about the PMP renewal process, and how to earn and submit your 60 PMP PDU hours.

If you need fewer than 60 PDUs to renew your PMP certification, you may want to check out our other PMP PDU bundles:  45 PDU Bundle, 30 PDU Bundle, or 15 PDU Bundle.

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43 reviews for Renew Your PMP® Certification The Easy Way – Get The 60 PMP® PDUs You Need To Satisfy PMI Requirements

  1. Shobit Kandill

    I was looking for PDU sources to renew my PMP certification. This 60 PDU bundle is great to renew my PMP. I could earn and submit PDUs all online. Thanks.

  2. Krishna Chowdhury

    This 60 PDU bundle is great and compliand with the PMI talent triangle. I could completed my CCRS cycle and applied for renewing PMP.

  3. Suna Khamil

    PMI approved my PDUs in minutes after I submitted like Master of Project Academy instructed. I was not expecting such a good PDU package. Easy, affordable and fast to earn PDUs and renew your PMP certification!

  4. Kamini Chaudhari

    Great source for renewing PDUs. It is very problematic to find PDU sources when it comes to renew PMP. This bundle helped me to renew my certification. Thanks to MOPA team!

  5. Leela Gadhavi

    This 60 PDU bundle is great for earning 60 PDUs in one go. I could complete my courses and earn all 60 PDUs in a month.

  6. Prabhat Wahid Kibe

    Great PDU bundle source for great value. I could complete my PDU needs easily and for a great price. PMI approves the PDU submissions quickly. Recommended.

  7. Usha Dar

    I completed the PDU bundle courses in 3 weeks and PMI approved all my submissions smoothly. They asked for a proof of attendance for the Six Sigma PDU activity and Master of Project Academy provided it in 24 hours. After my submission, I could complete my CCRS cycle and renew my PMP!

  8. Chitranjan Chandra Goda

    The PMP renewal process is very through with Master of Project Academy. After I submitted PDUs I earned for each course, PMI approved the PDUs in minutes. Very good!

  9. Nirav Seth

    It was very through process. I could complete my courses easily and claimed my PDUs online. PMI approved.

  10. Arjun Karthik

    PMI approved my PDU submissions right after my claim. Great convenient to complete 60 PDUs 100% online. You dont need to look for events, seminars and pay lots of money to earn PDUs. This works well 🙂

  11. Nishita Sami

    I was in my last months to renew my PMP. Luckily, I found this bundle. After completing the courses, I submitted to and earned PDUs to renew my certificate.

  12. Shinu Hegadi

    This 60 PDU bundle is great for earning 60 PDUs in great price. It took only one month to complete the courses and earn my PDUs.

  13. Giaan Munaf Puri

    It was very easy to earn 60 PDUs for my renewal. Thanks to Master of Project Academy for this great package. PMI accepted my PDUs vey quickly! Very pleased!

  14. Pradeep Monisha

    Thank you MOP for this great opportunity of making us gain 60 PDUs easily.

  15. Jaroslav Šťastný

    Great distribution of PDUs among courses. I could easily submit my 60 PDUs thanks to step-by-step instructions given by Master of Project Academy. PMI directly accepted my PDUs. I am vey happy of easily claiming my PDUs and renewing my PMP.

  16. Jonas S. Petersen

    PMI easily accepted my PDUs which I gained by this great package! It was a good opportunity for me to come across Master of Project Academy when I was seeking for an institution to renew my PMP! Thank you for everything.

  17. Taj  Sabharwal

    It was a very easy and affordable way of earning my remaining 60 PDUs thanks to Master of Project Academy!

  18. Ashutosh Malviya

    It is a great way of earning 60 PDUs and renewing your PMP certification. PMI directly accepted my PDUs and I was very satisfied with the website. Suggested!

  19. Chhaya  Rao

    Very satisfied of this great 60 PDU Bundle package.

  20. Chandra Ranganekary

    Thank you for this great 60 PDU Bundle package and your website which removes the borders and time constraints!

  21. Ragunath Pavagi

    Agile Scrum, Six Sigma, ITIL and Microsofr Project Trainings.. All of them were well planned and were very helpful to renew my PMP Certification. Thank you MOPA!

  22. Rakesh Banerjee

    I’ve just completed this course. It was useful from beginning to end. Recommend it, thanks.

  23. Sanjay Varma

    Awesome deal if you are looking for a course to renew Your PMP® Certification, happy to get it! Thanks, Master of Project Academy!

  24. Reyansh Acharya

    I’ve just finished 60 PDU Bundle package. I researched a lot before I found this package. The course helped me a lot and I’m feeling ready to renew my PMP certification. Thanks!

  25. Sofia Jennings

    I needed to find PDU Bundle immediately and luckily I found this bundle. Luckily because that course helped me a lot. I’m feeling ready to renew my certificate.

  26. Arjun Laghari

    The course was exactly what I needed. Very clear and definitely helpful. Highly recommended.

  27. Reyansh Ahuja

    The course was very comprehensive. Instructor was helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks.

  28. Vihaan Patel

    The course is well planned, easy to understand and follow.

  29. Jayesh Anand

    I enjoined the entire course. It was helpful and informative.

  30. Sunil Marwaha

    It was a very educative course. Well designed, detailed and easy to follow.

  31. Advik Bakshi

    This course is an excellent way for PMP exam preparation. The instructor was knowledgeable and the content was very clear and well organized. I’m looking forward to passing my exam.

  32. Arush Khatri

    It has been a very comprehensive course. Explanations were well, the instructor was knowledgeable. I also liked the flexibility. I hope I will be certified soon.

  33. Shaurya Patel

    Great content, well detailed by instructor. I just completed and it responded my expectations. Thanks

  34. Reyansh Ghoshal

    It was a very educative e-learning experience for me. Great and well-structured course.

  35. Sai Ahuja

    I took my time in researching a good course and settled on this one. It all worked out well and I am happy.

  36. Rudra Anand

    Well detailed and explained, the content is concise, easy to follow.

  37. Gautam Reddy

    Hard to find good quality source , I learned a lot from this one and I renewed my certification. Great service.

  38. Garima Reddy

    I completed the PDU bundle courses in 20 days. CCRS cycle is done looking forward to renewing PMP.

  39. Arjun Bhat

    Helpful team, educative content. Awesome course for renewing PDUs.

  40. Nimish Bhatt

    This is a high quality content to complete 60 PDUs online. It was easy to follow and understand. I was not sure for a while about to buy but I’m happy with my decision.

  41. Anvi Bakshi

    So far the best online course I have seen. Detailed lectures and great content.

  42. Ashish Joshi

    Great quality training for to get 60 PMP PDUs. Well detailed and easy to follow.

  43. kiran

    good one

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